2008 New Orleans JazzFest Review & Photos – Day 2, April 26th – 1st Weekend

You know it might not be a good weather day when rain drops are hitting the windshield even before you hit the Fairgrounds, but you suck it up and enjoy it anyway…

After grabbing lunch, I head over to the Acura Stage for Wayne Toups & ZydeCajun. I first saw Wayne many years ago as a college student in Lafayette and well over 20 years later he can still work the crowd ( and the ladies) into a frenzy. His work back then was mostly local SW Louisiana music but now has branched out into many genres and was a great start to the day as black clouds were drawing nearer.

Next stop was the Gentilly Stage for Benjy Davis Project from Baton Rouge. Now this sextet also has quite the following among the female population but most are of the college age variety. Nevertheless, I enjoy these guys for the fact they have some of the best lyrics around in “New Orleans” and “Do It With The Lights On” and they just enjoy playing together. Always a must see…

Well, the rain starts falling well before the end of the set for BDJ and kept getting harder as Cowboy Mouth takes the stage, with Fred LeBlanc taking his usual front center seat surrounded by his skins. Now the surrounding cast has changed hands a few times in his 18 times as an act at JazzFest, but his intensity has certainly not waned. Playing some of the favorites such as “Everybody Loves Jill”, “Joe Strummer” and “Jenny Says” kept this crowd still going even as the rain was not letting up.

So that was the end of my day as the wind started blowing and my drenched body was slowly shaking. Probably not a bad thing to do to get rid of a few calories..

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Hey Mel them are some great pics. I guess you were able to keep your camera dry. Looks like a really fun place to be even with the rain.



Thanks dude, You make the best of it and it is away from the “Cubicle from Hell” so how bad can it be