2008 New Orleans JazzFest Review & Photos – Day 2, May 2nd – 2nd Weekend

As per yesterday, this again will be short and to the point as little sleep and way too much music is catching up to me. I know, you really feel sorry for me….      Enjoy the photos….

Brett Dennen – now I see why this tall red headed kid is opening for everybody from John Mayer to the John Butler Trio. Huge Talent.

Zigaboo Modeliste – Drummer for The Meters and brings funk to a whole new level… enough said…

Art Neville – even with an ensemble such as Willie Weeks, Steve Jordan, Walter “Wolfman” Washington and his son Ian, lil’ brother Aaron also came out and made “Papa Funk” proud.

Stevie Wonder – with his stunningly beautiful daughter Aisha walking out on stage with him, now I know why even way back in 1976 he knew to tell people “Isn’t She Lovely”.

The Greyboy Allstars – made another trip to the mighty Mississippi for some funky jazz. Karl and the guys had the house…uhh, boat rocking….

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Thanks again, Mista Mel!
Editilla da’Ladda has awarded you:
The Yowzah Bowzah Award for Rockin’da’Rollin!
You are covering the Fest really well.
We so appreciate it.

Keep on keepin’on, Noble Mon.
Editilla~New Orleans News Ladder