List of Songs on Treme – Episode 2 – Season 1

List of songs in order of appearance in show – “Meet Da Boys On The Battlefront”

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Point in the show: Coco Robicheaux playing his guitar over the radio in front of Davis (Steve Zahn) at WWOZ

  • Artist : Coco Robicheaux
  • Song: “Walking with the Spirit”
  • Album: Spiritland


Point in the show: Opening Credits of the show

  • Artist : John Boutte’
  • Song: “Treme Song”
  • Album: Jambalaya


Point in the show: Janette (Kim Dickens) walks down the stairs of her house to turn down the radio

  • Artist : Anders Osborne with Monk Boudreaux
  • Song: “Meet The Boyz On The Battlefront”
  • Album: Bury The Hatchet


Point in the show: Annie (Lucia Micarelli) and Sonny ( Michiel Huisman) are playing on the street

  • Artist : Covered by many artists over the years but I figure that Dr. John is a good one to pick
  • Song: “Careless Love”
  • Album: Careless Love – Single


Point in the show: Annie (Lucia Micarelli) and Sonny ( Michiel Huisman) are playing on the street, trying to hustle a little extra money and the scene breaks to WWOZ where the Dr. John version is playing as Davis is leaving

  • Artist: Dr. John
  • Song: “When The Saints Go Marching In”
  • Album: N’Awlinz Dis, Dat, or D’Udda


Point in the show: Davis (Steve Zahn) begging for money from his mother

  • Artist : Cologne Chamber Orchestra & Helmut Muller-Bruhl
  • Song: “Brandenburg Concerto No. 5: Allegro”
  • Album: The Very Best of Bach


Point in the show: Annie (Lucia Micarelli) and Sonny ( Michiel Huisman) at the Spotted Cat talking to customer at bar

  • Artist :  Tony Green
  • Song: “Waltz for Pud”
  • Album: Gypsy Jazz


Point in the show: New Orleans Jazz Vipers at The Spotted Cat

  • Artist : New Orleans Jazz Vipers
  • Song: “I Hope You’re Comin’ Back To New Orleans”
  • Album: Hope You’re Comin’ Back


Point in the show:  Antoine (Wendell Pierce) talking to Matt Perrine and Deacon John at Old Point Bar in Algiers

  • Artist : The Radiators
  • Song: “Long Hard Journey Home”
  • Album: New Dark Ages


Point in the show: Antoine (Wendell Pierce) at the house with Desiree (Phyllis Montana LeBlanc)

  • Artist :Lee Dorsey
  • Song: “Ya-Ya”
  • Album: Lee Dorsey –  Selected Hits


Point in the show: Allen Toussaint, Elvis Costello and Horn Section at Piety Street Recording Studio

  • Artist : Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello with The Crescent City Horns
  • Song: “Tears, Tears and More Tears”
  • Album: The River In Reverse


Point in the show: Allen Toussaint playing the piano as “Big Sam” Williams is trying to convince Elvis Costello to go out with them

  • Artist : Allen Toussaint
  • Song: “Dolores’ Boyfriend”
  • Album: Must be an original composition (could not find recorded)


Point in the show: Antoine (Wendell Pierce) playing in a strip club on Bourbon Street

  • Artist: JT Ka-Nection Band in the show, originally performed by Parliament
  • Song:  “Up For The Down Stroke”
  • Album: Up For The Down Stroke


Point in the show: Galactic performing on stage with “Big Sam” Williams and Delmond (Rob Brown)

  • Artist : Stanton Moore
  • Song: “Blackbird Special”
  • Album: Take It To The Street (Music)


Point in the show: Antoine (Wendell Pierce) at Bullet’s Sports Bar talking to the young ladies

  • Artist: The Meters
  • Song: “Little Old Money Maker”
  • Album: Look-Ka Py Py


Point in the show: Kermit playing at Bullet’s Sports Bar with Baby J

  • Artist : Kermit Ruffins & Baby J
  • Song: “Treme Mardi Gras”
  • Album: Livin’ a Treme Life


Point in the show: Delmond (Rob Brown), “Big Sam” Williams, Ben Ellman and Stanton Moore outside the d.b.a. smoking a joint

  • Artist : Galactic
  • Song: “Go Go”
  • Album: Coolin’ Off


Point in the show: Janette (Kim Dickens) talking to her Mom and Dad about borrowing money

  • Artist : Joe Krown
  • Song: “Moore Women Shuffle”
  • Album: New Orleans Piano Rolls


Point in the show: Creighton (John Goodman) talking to Toni (Melissa Leo) about working on novel

  • Artist : The Boswell Sisters
  • Song: “St. Louis Blues”
  • Album: That’s How Rhythm Was Born


Point in the show: Albert (Clarke Peters) and George (Otto Dejean ) practicing in Poke’s Tavern

  • Artist: Donald Harrison and Dr. John
  • Song: “Shallow Water”
  • Album: Indian Blues


Point in the show: Ending Credits

  • Artist : Willy DeVille
  • Song: “New Orleans”
  • Album:  Live at Montreux 1994 ( not available on iTunes in USA, is in the EU.  DVD/CD available on Amazon but  will not play on USA/Canada players due to Region 2 Code)


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5 Comments for “List of Songs on Treme – Episode 2 – Season 1”

eric overmyer


you found it, brother. the audio track from this video is the recording we use at the end of episode two — the only way it was ever released was on an import cd/dvd release of a live concert at montreux, I think. nice work.



Thanks, Eric…

Actually, thanks to Google on that one, took me a bit of looking though.



After Annie and Sonny Play “When The Saints…” there is a scene where McAlary and another D.J. are talking.There is a song in the background and i was wondering which one was when i found this page.Here you miss it.Then i had to listen better and found it;
-“When the saints go marching in” by Dr. John with Mavis Staples from “N’awlinz: Dis, Dat Or D’Udda”