Music Of Treme News Roundup – May 10, 2010

Quick one as I am running around town, so here it goes.

  • Treme-Jazz does a great rundown on who said what about Episode 5 ( “Davis is the Jar-Jar Binks of Treme”… Now that is funny)
  • “Small victories are eclipsed by a larger tragedy” (IGN)
  • The experience of watching Treme with “locals” (Tuscaloosa News)
  • On why we need to work toward sanity again (Daily Kos)
  • Who needs Treme when you have the real thing (Letters in Bottles)
  • What the parade means to New Orleanians (Sound Of Treme)
  • “Frank’s Place” opening again for one night for charity (Blog of New Orleans)
  • Time for Sonny to take a hike (Dark Brown Waffles) ( I agree, his character grates on my nerves like Tony Soprano’s sister used to)

She lived a long great life, Lena Horne doing “Stormy Weather”

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