My Mid-Season 1 Opinion On Treme

Many people have asked me what I think of Treme and before I answer that question, I probably should preface with a few facts.

  • I don’t watch much TV and therefore have no business being a critic.
  • I have never watched an episode of The Wire. (I know some of you are gasping in horror)
  • I just recently moved to New Orleans after being away for over 20 years. (you can read why if you are interested)

I have read many opinions of the writers who make their living (and some that don’t) giving critiques of shows and for the most part, they are about as credible as the guy on the corner (or CNBC)  giving me advice on how I should invest my money.  Some are very well written and thought out, even if I don’t agree.  Some are just crap.

The only assessment that will make me do anything, whether it is watch a show, listen to music or eat at a certain restaurant, is my own attitude.  The point of view of others does not matter.

Hey, if the show Lost can give you several seasons of a mind f^*k, why don’t we give Treme at least a few episodes?

By the title of this website, it is obvious that I am more interested in the music than the storyline.  All I can say is that after 5 episodes, Blake Leyh and whoever decides what music is played on the show do a fabulous job.  Some of it is easily recognizable and other tunes so obscure that I never knew the music or musician ever existed.  I like that.

I trust that Eric Overmyer (who lives here part-time) and David Simon will continue to show post-Katrina New Orleans as realistically as they can.  Sure, artistic license will be taken.  It is a TV show, not a documentary and I am ok with that. Others certainly have taken it too far in the past (remember The Big Easy, what a horrid film).

Believe this, for me to plop my ass on the couch with an adult beverage of my choice and watch Treme, it has to be good TV.

No, it has to be fantastic television.

If for any reason, I thought that the crew of Overmyer, Simon, etc. were not giving it the attention to detail it deserved, I would vote with the OFF button on my remote and I would park this website in a New York minute.

If people think that Treme is not worth watching or have to endlessly compare it to The Wire (remember that New Orleans is on the other side of the Mason Dixon Line See update below), grab the channel changer and peruse something else.

There is always a “Real Housewives of Some Part of the Country” on at any time…..

Update: As a couple of commenters have pointed out, Baltimore is on this side of the Mason Dixon Line, which is true and I knew that. I was actually making a jab at writers in the North writing reviews about shows in the South and having not spent much time here.  After reading again, I did a really poor job of trying to get that point across.  My bad.

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Just found this site. THANK YOU! I love the show and LOVE the music! (Didn’t watch The Wire either.)
Just a nit picky point. You might want to take another look at the Mason-Dixon line. Technically speaking Baltimore IS on the same side of it as New Orleans.

He Dog


I like your website a lot–very helpful in findign the music of Treme. But I must point out that Baltimore is south of the Mason-Dixon line, and that Maryland was a slave state….



@peged and Hedog. Updated and provided explanation above. What I had going on in my head did not quite make it to the keyboard. Thanks for pointing that out and glad you enjoy the website.