Music Of Treme News Roundup – May 23, 2010

We have the Lost vs. Treme Showdown tonight.  Certainly Lost will win the ratings battle but not in my living room.

  • “Jacques Morial portrays political adviser in ‘Treme’ episode” (
  • Treme shedding new light on what really makes city tick” (
  • “Watching Treme: We are not worthy” (Tom Shone)
  • Treme-Jazz has a couple stories on whether “Is Treme Still Great” and of City Council representative Kristin Gisleson Palmer’s appearance on Treme
  • “Is It Okay Not to Love Treme ?” (WSJ)
  • “Treme is saturated with music; indeed, many of its characters can think of little else” (LiveMint)
  • ” Melissa Leo: drama queen” (Miami Herald)

So for the video of the day, I found this gem from 2007 with Lucia Micarelli (Annie on Treme) and Jethro Tull performing Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.  I don’t think that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant would have any issues with this version.

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