Music Of Treme News Roundup – May 24, 2010

I have the Episode 7 music list up for your perusal.

  • Treme-Jazz is up early with his list of reviews and recaps
  • Back Of Town has perspectives from Virgotex, WetBankGuy and GBitch, well worth your time to read
  • Way Down Under has updated with her experiences helping post-Katrina in Houston
  • “The New Orleans references have been sublimated so they don’t get in the way of the show” (Letters In  Bottles)
  • “Life is a goddamn gig and Treme is all about the layers of responsibility that the gig entails’ (Sound of Treme)
  • “Are the critics happy now? On at least three occasions, characters spend significant time turning their rage inward against the city.” (Dark Brown Waffles)
  • “Where’s Treme Going? Don’t Know, Don’t Care” (Sassy Psychic)

This is one of my favorite episodes even though it was kind of dark with Daymo finally being found and Deacon John‘s character passing away. Little more meat on the bone…

I have to admit Deacon John’s character, otherwise known as Danny Nelson, dying affected me a bit.  I first saw him over 30 years as a teenager and anytime I have seen him since, either as a musician or just walking down the street, he has always been gracious and has a smile on his face.  To see him play a part of a man struggling and then pass away was a real 180 degree turn.  I know it is TV, but damn it.

Deacon John won the Best of The Beat Lifetime Achievement Award this year and I was present when he gave this speech back in January. A man with a lot of passion and if you are ever in New Orleans and he is playing, make time to see him.

So today I end with Deacon John & The Ivories performing “Let The Good Times Roll” and “”Nobody Wants Ya When You’re Down & Out”

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