Music Of Treme News Roundup – May 25, 2010

I had one of my readers ask me about Creole mustard and whether I could talk more about the food on the show. Well, music and food do go well together so I will  add more as I do these recaps.

If you have any questions of any type regarding the show, feel free to contact me and I will try to get an answer.  Oh, my favorite use of Creole mustard is on Roast Beef sandwiches.  Dipping French Fries in it is not bad either.

  • “In Sunday’s episode, “Smoke Me a Peace Pipe,” Alexander delivers a gut-punch of a performance.” (Guy About Movies)
  • “John Besh in the front of the house on ‘Treme’ ” (CNN)
  • “Great TV and all that jazz” (National Post)
  • ” Civil Dysfunction Meets Civil Disobedience” (NPR)
  • “Khandi Alexander’s fantastic acting in this episode really brought it home” (IGN)
  • “Myrtle Romano Baquet, a restaurateur and the matriarch of one of New Orleans’ first families of home-style Creole cooking, died Monday” (  The Trout Baquet (trout topped with crabmeat)  that Davis ordered in Episode 7 originated from her restaurant and I eat it every year at JazzFest. The pic below does not do it justice.

One of my all time favorite New Orleans musicians, Snooks Eaglin, sang  the closing credit song, “Helping Hand”  in Episode 7.  Saw him many times at JazzFest and at clubs in the city and was one of the few artists I tried to seek out every time I came back to New Orleans.

Unfortunately, Snooks passed away last year but left me with a lot of great memories.  Even though Snooks was blind, I saw him call people out for taking pictures or video of him. Obviously, his hearing was pretty good.

So I sign off today with a pair of Snooks videos.  The first is “Life In The Middle” with Snooks calling notes for George Porter, Jr. to play on the bass and is incredibly funny. Anybody that is familiar with George knows he needs no help playing.

The second is “Baby, Please” with George on bass.

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