Music Of Treme News Recap – May 26, 2010

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Ok, I am bummed.  Just found out that Episode 8 will  not show until June 6th due to the Memorial Day weekend, I am assuming.  Damn….

  • Treme-Jazz has the lowdown on Susan Spicer and also which episodes HBO included for Emmy consideration
  • A little satire will go a long way (CNN)
  • Lost vs. Treme ratings (USA Today)
  • What Clarke Peters is doing in his time away from Treme (
  • “Davis is still mostly a selfish and clueless jackass” (The American Prospect)
  • Street food in NOLA and why it is not that easy (BackOfTown)
  • “Albert showed a superb PR sense with his sleep-in at the bricks.” (BackOfTown) Also agrees with my assessment of Deacon John
  • “Just one of the infinite reasons that New Orleans sets my soul at ease.” (From The Back Of Beyond)
  • “Overthinking Treme: You Can’t Be Serious” (Overthinking It)
  • “Surely I’m not the only “Wire” fan who had a big grin on his face when Albert and his gang started tearing the boards off the window of the abandoned apartment, right? ” (HitFix)
  • ” None too soon, the “Treme” has found its legs.”(Charge Shot!!!)
  • “Pine Leaf Boys on HBO’s ‘Treme’” (CajunZydeco)
  • ” Treme, I love you. Or: Heather Havrileski, shut your useless, gaping maw.” (Your Civic Doody)
  • “Treme’ honors ‘Frank’s Place’ at NOCCA benefit” (

Like yesterday, I am going to leave you with Snooks Eaglin…. just because I love me some Snooks.  Lots to read today and hope you have a good day.

First off with “Talk To Your Daughter”, then next up with “You Don’t Have To Go”.

I end with two videos taken at a Memorial Jam and Second Line after Snooks passed with Charmaine Neville, Allen Toussaint, Dr. Michael White, Deacon John and many others with “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Hush, Somebody’s Calling My Name”.

Yes, we love our Musicians…..