Music Of Treme News Recap – May 27, 2010

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My significant other just got back from a cruise with her sister and told me the stench of oil in the Gulf of Mexico is sickening.  Great….  Not going to get political on you, but BP needs this “Top Kill” to work and get to cleaning up this mess.

  • “I told (writer) David Simon that I will walk across Baltimore, naked, in the dead of winter to be involved with the show” (USA Today)
  • “Where’s the romance, the coquettishness of New Orleans that brings out the summer dresses and the grand gestures?” (Watching Treme)
  • “Simien next has high hopes of appearing in Treme” (
  • “An email I wrote to a friend about Treme” (Robotic Verve)
  • “Snap Judgment: Creighton Bernette” (What About Treme)
  • “Michael (Huisman) is a devoted husband, loving father and all around nice guy.” (17 Dots)
  • “Dear Hubig’s” (The Chicory) Hubig’s Pies
  • “Treme goes dark and we eat like kings” (LA to NOLA)
  • “Melissa Leo talks acting, auditioning and preparation” (Daily Actor)

I went to the benefit Monday night for NOCCA that HBO’s Treme underwrote and showed episodes of “Frank’s Place” as well as had a Q&A session with Hugh Wilson, Tim Reid and his wife Daphne and Lolis Eric Elie. Dave Walker of the Time Picayune did an excellent write-up of the night.

Don’t have much more to add other than Hugh Wilson has to be one of the funniest guys I have heard in quite a while. I have not laughed out loud that much in 30 minutes in a long time and hopefully it will show up on video somewhere in the future.

Today ending video is “Ride Your Pony” with Lee Dorsey, who had the song “Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further”  featured in Episode 7.

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