Music Of Treme News Recap – June 1, 2010

Hope everybody had a great weekend but now back to business.

  • “it’s simple, black or white, rich or poor, we all share a love for music first, and good food second!” (A Moral Grey)
  • The local guide to Episode 7 (RabbitHole Consulting)
  • “Lately, I feel like I’m an actor on a mission,’’ says Clarke Peters. (Boston Globe)
  • Pics of Bacchanal, how to make Trout Baquet and John Besh (Looka)
  • I had forgotten that Easy Rider ended in New Orleans (Candy Sandwich)
  • Actress Melissa Leo, of ‘Treme’ and ‘Frozen River,’ talks about her career (Washington Post)

Today I head back to Episode 3 with the New Orleans Nightcrawlers, who had “Funky Liza” featured in that show.  They don’t play that often  due to most of them having their own gigs but here is some action at the Louisiana Music Factory.


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