Music Of Treme News Recap – June 3, 2010

Tick, Tock till Sunday night…..

  • “One-on-one with…TREME’s Khandi Alexander” (Jim Halterman)
  • “Steve Earle, T-Bone Burnett team up for Treme” (SoundSpike)
  • “Five things you didn’t know about Trombone Shorty” (Time Out-New York)
  • “What the flood couldn’t take” (
  • “Giving credit to HBO’s credits” (That Warm Glow)
  • “Asking David Simon, Lolis Elie et al. their favorite depiction of New Orleans” (Gambit)
  • “Treme out of Emmy music race” (Variety)
  • “We were all there to appreciate Frank’s Place, and a glorious appreciation it was.” (BackOfTown)
  • “Mos Def, Lenny Kravitz and Tim Robbins Jam for Gulf Spill Relief” (FishBowl LA) This is a must see!!!
  • “Made in Louisiana” (THR)
  • “Heading Downhill Toward Treme’s Finale” (Dark Brown Waffles)  Sam from DBW pinged me  this morning about my predictions for the last 3 episodes. I will ponder that for the next 24 hours and have something tomorrow.  Should be interesting….

Sign off today with Dr. Michael White, who was featured in Episode 6 for  “Down By The Riverside”  and in Episode 4 for “Big Chief Battle Axe”.    The “Doctor” is on clarinet for “Whoopin” Blues”.

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