My Predictions For The Rest of Season 1

As I mentioned in yesterday’s recap, Sam from Dark Brown Waffles emailed me about my prognostications for the rest of the season on Treme.  Sam definitely has given a lot of thought to his predictions and I don’t know how I can reach that level of detail, but here I go.

Albert – After getting a beatdown from the NOPD in the last episode, he might be in jail for a while. Everything shuts down in NOLA during Mardi Gras so he might be stewing behind bars for a few days.  In real life in NOLA, the NOPD and the Mardi Gras Indians have had a strained relationship for many years and I will wonder how this one plays out on the TV screen.  Since Albert and Toni have not crossed paths in the show yet, I wonder if she bails him out of jail like she did Antoine and Davis or if Delmond will bail him out like his Dad did for him a few episodes ago.  I also think the Chiefs from the other Mardi Gras Indian tribes will rally in his support.

Annie – So much talent, obvious lack of self-esteem in her music and not a great judge in picking out men.  It is apparent that Harley (Steve Earle) knows she can do better in music and love and by Episode 9, I would imagine Harley will let her have it.  She will wake up to the fact she is better musically than Sonny and needs to move on but something will happen that will not get resolved until next season.

Antoine – Man, this is one conflicted dude.  Kids from at least 3 different women, working gigs that are beneath him but knows he is going to have to step it up a notch musically. The Maestro (Deacon John) has passed on and this affected him quite a bit, so I don’t think his character will just muddle along. Either he is going to get it together or go deeper in a funk.  I vote for the latter.  The Maestro’s grandson will make an appearance before the end of the season wanting to learn how to play the trombone and it will be at Antoine’s lowest point.

Antoinette (Toni) – Like Sam, I think she will continue to try and find the truth on what happened to Daymo, but I wonder how much blessing LaDonna will give to this effort. She is tired of Creighton’s rants on YouTube and it will wind up making her job harder as she tries to find the truth about Daymo.  Since Daymo has been found, I wonder if she takes up Albert’s cause as she seem to like the underdogs.

Creighton – He certainly wants life to return to normal. An easy life as a Tulane professor, eating at Upperline and doing all the things New Orleans.  He will continue to bitch and complain about the novel, Toni will get fed up and put a foot upside his ass.  He will not finish the novel by the end of the season but the editors will get a draft that they will heavily criticize and Creighton goes ballistic.  Tulane will also get fed up with his YouTube rants and call him out on the carpet and tell him to quit or else.

Davis – Hmmm, this one will be interesting.  He has some money in his pocket from his CD’s, seems (for the moment) to be into Janette and knows his neighbors are not that bad. He and Creighton will get into an argument about his failed political run and Davis will tell him he is a washed up writer. Since he seems to be more of a lyricist than a musician, he will write a couple songs for a prominent artist.  Certainly will sleep with the stripper that lives down the street that walks her dogs by his house. Janette finds out and ….well, read below.

Delmond – I agree with Sam on this one that he will come home and lead the Mardi Gras Indians but I think that Albert will take Lulu’s nephew under his wing and this will not go well with Delmond.  I think Delmond will remain on the road but will probably be mid-way through Season 2 before he figures more prominently in the show.

Janette – Now that she is a chef on wheels, I will suspect she will wind up cooking at some bar or event and will get backing to either open up her restaurant again or start over as a chef for somebody else.  Anthony Bourdain might come into the picture on this one or maybe John Besh makes another appearance. Might not happen this season but I think her and Jacques hook up again, both in work and romantically.

LaDonna – She doesn’t want to tell her Mom about Daymo until after Mardi Gras and that is a big burden to carry.  Mom knows something is going on and calls her out in the next episode to tell her the truth.   Toni will continue in her quest to find out what happened to Daymo but LaDonna is ready for it to be over as she knows that nothing can be done anyway.  Antoine and LaDonna will not sleep together but I don’t think her marriage will survive as she loves NOLA too much.  She winds up drinking more as the season wears on.

Sonny – He makes a scene that will be a cliffhanger until next season.  I think he and Harley will wind up having words and Annie takes the bow upside his head (Ok, that is what I really want to happen). Annie will wind up catching him sleeping with somebody else and/or doing drugs with some chick and that will be it. He will beg her to come back but she winds up crashing with Harley or hooks up with one of the Pine Leaf Boys or Tom McDermott.

Ok, feel free to give your comments below on what you think will happen. Inquiring minds want to know…..

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