Music Of Treme News Recap – June 8, 2010

In case you missed it yesterday, has the reviews and recaps from Episode 8.

  • “Annie needs a nice boy to remind her that not all men are jealous, grasping, angry greaseballs” (BackOfTown)
  • “I’ve been feeling the music in Treme like it’s a second dialogue, a harmony riding underneath the melody of the main script” (BackOfTown)
  • “Treme more than just an acting gig for Kentucky man — Zahn thrilled to be getting it right” (
  • “Kermit Ruffins Reveals Treme Ending”    Not really, but an interesting video anyway (
  • “When Davis asks Janette if she needs him for Mardi Gras, and she responds no, that she has Jacques, we cheer.” (Death Knell)
  • “If Da Bunk Can Do It, So Can You” (Dead Things On Sticks)
  • “It’s like Treme’s reflexive salesmanship of New Orleans hijacked half the episode.” (Creative Loafing)
  • “Woe is Jazz: If We Build It, Will They Come Back?” (JazzTimes)
  • ” The Man Behind The Music Of Treme” (NPR)
  • “A line of coke, followed by animal mating, then another line of coke–I really don’t think that’d be good for my blood pressure.” (Vanity Fair)
  • ” BP—The Movie (Casting by Jane Wells)” (CNBC)
  • “Antoine is irrepressible (not only with women, but in stiffing cabbies).” (Infinite Regress)
  • “Treme – Home for Mardi Gras” (LA To NOLA)

Today we sign off with Bob French and the Tuxedo Jazz Band, who was the drummer in the scene at Donna’s playing ” When It’s Sleepytime Down South”.  Now Bob is an interesting NOLA musician who is a great guy and has a fairly low tolerance for B.S.

I have talked before about Threadhead Records and they are currently raising money for Bob to put out a record celebrating the 100th anniverary of the Tuxedo Jazz Band.  Any help is highly appreciated.

You will find below an interview with Bob and how he wound up playing at Donna’s and also an appearance at Louisiana Music Factory.