Music Of Treme News Recap – June 13, 2010

True Blood is back tonight, will interesting to see how that plays out in the ratings for Treme this week.

  • To get you warmed up for Treme tonight, click on over to listen to an hour of “Trombone Shorty” perform at Bonnaroo yesterday (NPR)
  • “A City of Characters” (Gambit)
  • “A Missouri native, Goodman has become the quintessential cool New Orleanian.” (
  • Sultan Of Sarcasm has reviews on Episode 7 and 8
  • “Meet Ashley Morris, the Real Creighton Bernette From Treme” (TV Squad)
  • “Toyama-san is there to remind us that one can be a knowledgeable, passionate, respectful lover of New Orleans while still being, by and large, an “outsider”.” (Back Of Town)
  • “Are the Kids Alright?” (Back Of Town)
  • “Thursday night at Vaughan’s certainly seems affected by the success of the HBO’s Treme. ” (LA To NOLA)

In Episode 8, Creighton was reciting lines from the Iguanas song “Is This Love” before he did another YouTube video.  The first video is a session of them recording “Lupita” and the second one is from The Continental Club in Austin and their experiences post Katrina.