Music Of Treme News Recap – June 15, 2010

The folks at have, as usual, articles that make for great brain food such as the ones written by alli, samjasper, raynola and virgotex.  Going over the comments after each post is well worth your time.

  • “Treme Episode 9: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” (
  • “It’s one of the show’s central conflicts: musicians and other cultural artists are constantly hustling to justify their collective existence.” (NPR)
  • “HBO’s ‘Treme’ Continues to Disappoint” (KPBS)
  • “I’m starting to understand why the music is getting louder: The characters don’t have much to say anymore.” (
  • “it’s all coming down to a question of who will continue to fight and who will throw in the towel. ” (IGN)
  • “How do you defend your love for such a subpar project as “Treme”?” (The Awl)
  • “Based on a True Story: Treme Documents Work of the ACLU” (
  • “Seriously, will Sonny just get it over with already?” (Letters in Bottles)
  • “I really related to the relentlessness of crap that rained down on the Kim Dickens’ restauranteur character.” (LA to NOLA)
  • “Treme just won a special award at the Jazz Journalists Association Awards” (All The Pieces Matter)
  • “Was The Wire as referential to Baltimore as Treme is to New Orleans” (

When Creighton was getting his beignet fix before the ferry ride, you could hear Hack Bartholomew performing “Down By The Riverside” in the background.  Hack is a regular performer outside of Cafe du Monde even though I did not see him in that particular scene.

So today, Hack is performing “I’ll Fly Away”, “Amazing Grace”, “Closer Walk With Thee” and then with the Charmaine Neville Band on “Mr. Magic”.