Music Of Treme News Recap – June 16, 2010

20 Billion is a good start….   Have a feeling that is just the beginning of what BP must come up with.

  • “The music, the food, the culture, the disasters. The show brings the Big Easy to life in a natural, jazzy way.” (LA Times)
  • “Dr. John: Night trippin’ at the Grammy Museum” (LA Times)
  • “You Know What the Plural of “Davis” Is?” (Watching Treme)
  • “We here in New Orleans have a soft spot for the incidental characters that may pop up from time to time at the fringes of our lives.” (Back OF Town)
  • “Q and A with Elizabeth Ashley (Aunt Mimi)” (Tomorrow and the Day After)
  • He (David Simon) describes his hatred for writing for the “Average Reader,” (HeeHaw Marketing)
  • “I love that his requirements for his bash at his place were “musicians” and “hot women”.” (Sultan Of Sarcasm)
  • “For ‘Treme,’ it’s location, location, location ” (
  • In case you are wondering how Treme did versus True Blood in the ratings (TV by the Numbers)

In Episode 9, when Annie mentioned she would do “Gatemouth” on the song “Jambalaya”, she was referring to the late Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. He died not long after Katrina from lung cancer and I saw him several times over the years when I lived in the DFW area and made the trek back to NOLA.

First up is “Got My Mojo Working” with Carlos Santana sitting in at Montreux in 2004, then playing harmonica with Canned Heat at Montreux in 1973.

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