Music Of Treme News Recap – June 22, 2010

Round 2 of reviews and opinions of Episode 10 and the season, Alison Fensterstock has a great article below that she wrote for American Songwriter and catch “Trombone Shorty” on David Letterman tonight.

  • “A show like Treme is such an incredible dream job opportunity” (American Songwriter)
  • “The season finale of Treme was emotionally gripping. Frankly, draining.” (Sound Of Treme)
  • “That was how Treme got me: the inevitability of it” (
  • Treme is certainly a show that makes you work for the pay-off.” (TV Junkie)
  • “As Treme ends its first season, New Orleans natives Wendell Pierce and Phyllis Montana LeBlanc emerge as fan favorites” (
  • “but I’ve come to understand that this is just how a lot of New Orleans music is: acutely self-referential.” (NPR)
  • Treme is the next best thing to actually visiting New Orleans, and I look forward to going back “home” next year.” (Fox News)
  • “The first and last episodes worked not so much as matching bookends to the season, but as a musical call-and-response” (Vanity Fair)
  • “David Simon Wants You To Trust Him Implicitly” (
  • “Down in the Treme, Oil Spill More Frightening than Katrina” (Vanity Fair)
  • “I wonder if Simon and his stable of crack writers have fallen victim to the last thing I thought they would: sentimentality.” (True/Slant)
  • “In the season finale, some come home to New Orleans while others say goodbye forever.” (IGN)
  • “Steve Zahn as Davis McAlary developed nicely throughout the season from one-dimensional obnoxiousness to redeeming moments of charm” (BlogCritics)
  • “David Simon Translated: People Are Too Stupid to Appreciate Treme” (Warming Glow)

The scene with John Boutte singing to Janette for me was both laugh out loud funny and had me choked up at the same time.  In the following video, John does his own take of Randy Newman’s “Louisiana 1927”  and  is accompanied by Paul Sanchez, Sonia Tetlow and John Thomas Griffith.  This one still leaves me with chills….

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