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Amazon has widgets I use to load the songs for each episode instead of having a link for each one.  Not a bad option.

I will go through a demo below and if you know this already, I apologize.  If you are looking for iTunes help, scroll on down the page.

Now to buy MP3’s off Amazon, you will need to install their “Downloader”. It takes about a minute or so to do.

If you are using iTunes or Windows Media, it loads the songs automagically in the player.  Seriously, I tested it out….

There, that is it for Amazon.  No sweat and if you ever have any issues, just shoot me a message.


If you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad or some sort of Apple product then you certainly know what this is.  But it also runs on Windows PC’s and is what I use since I have 2 iPods, girlfriend has an iPhone and… well, you get the message.

If you don’t have it already and would like to try it out, head on over and download it.

One of the things I hated when I had separate links for each song is that a new page from iTunes would come up in your browser when you clicked the link.  Then your iTunes player would sync up for each song/album.  Not really very user friendly.

So I found out you can make a list of songs called an iMix in iTunes. I know, you are probably calling me a moron since I did not know that already.  Believe me, I have been called a lot worse.

I made an separate iMix for each episode so you only have to pull it up once.

Below the Amazon widget you will notice the following:

But if you click the link, it will bring up a page that looks like this in your iTunes player.

One click and you are there and all you have to do is figure out which song you want. Saves time and easier to use. Any issues, just send me a message.

I do get a small percentage of each sale from Amazon and iTunes.  It keeps the servers running here at  Ok, maybe an occasional adult beverage.  I thank you in either case.

Other Options
You will see a few stray links to Amazon such as the one below. This is a case where I found no MP3’s available or the album has been discontinued and the only option is CD’s of the used variety or higher priced new ones.

You will also see links from Louisiana Music Factory here in New Orleans.

Sometimes, believe it or not, you can not find it on Amazon or iTunes and this is the place to locate some of the lesser known New Orleans artists.  Might pay a little more but it supports a local record shop in NOLA and if you have any questions, just give them a buzz.

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